Jill Greenberg lighting setup and lighting diagram

jill greenberg lighting setup

David Bicho's tribute to Jill Greenberg, using her characteristic lighting setup.

jill greenberg lighting diagram

Lighting diagram explaining the Jill Greenberg lighting setup

This image is a pure tribute to the classic crying-images by Jill Greenberg. This is really showing the crisp and contrasty light of the beloved Profoto Giant (the huge umbrella). From the back, I use two strip lights and a hair light on a boom stand to create a “kicker” all around her silhouette. One gridded light on the black background (turns blue when white balancing to get nice skin tones). Just below the model there is a squared silver reflector (I hate round ones!) to give the classic extra lower clam-shellish-spark to the eye to give some feeling of “wet eyes”… To eliminate all unwanted indirect lightning, I used big black book ends to really push the contrast by lowering the levels in the shadows.

Visit photographer David Bicho for more great inspiration.

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  1. Fler som gillar ljussättning & diagram — Stefan Tell, Stockholm

    [...] Börja med att kolla ljussättningen och en av bilderna han gjorde i bästa Jill Greenberg-stil (hyllning snarare än kopia kallas det nog, även om det inte var gråtande barn han använde) här. [...]

  2. steve

    Hey there i loved your article on the Jill greenberg lighting setup I believe you mastered it. Not to many people can do what you did so I applaud you on this the only thing you didn’t mention was the lighting ratios used can you be so kind and to help me in on this?

  3. ThierryD

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  4. ThierryD

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  5. Anonymous

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  6. Chris

    Hello great article, how do you get the blue background effect utilising only white balance?

    Is the strobe gelled ?


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