One-light beauty setup

A while ago I got this video tutorial from Santa Ana based photographer Sean Armenta. It’s a simple one-light beauty setup that gives stunning results.

There is no lighting diagram in this tutorial, but Sean explains very clearly how to set up the light, so you can easily use this lighing setup yourself.

There are also some other useful tips about make up, digital image editing and more. Enjoy!

Check out Sean’s blog for more inspiration and information about lighting and photography.

3 Responses to “One-light beauty setup”

  1. Pier

    Really cool ! Usefull video !

  2. MiGel

    It should be noted that he’s not using a beauty dish as he tells us but a Mola.
    Why he’s using a “tri-flector” to just let it lay flat in the shooting remains a eternal mystery also.


  3. Rebecca Jones

    Cool, good to see the process behind beauty shoot.

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