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Photographer Meggy Irawan

Here is an interview with the contributing photographer Meggy Irawan. Stay tuned for some of his lighting setups that will be published soon. Lighting for photo: – Where are you from? Meggy Irawan: – I come from Indonesia Lighting for photo: – How old are you? Meggy Irawan: –I’m 22 years old. Lighting for photo: [...]

Photographer Pedro Moreno

Photographer Pedro Moreno will show you the lighting setup for some of his beautiful photos. Here is is short interview with Pedro: Lighting For Photo: – Where are you from? Pedro Moreno: – I am from Venezuela but I live in Spain at the moment Lighting For Photo: – How old are you? Pedro Moreno: [...]

Photographer Morgan Klang

Photographer Morgan Klang of gives us some inspiring lighting setups. Let’s start with a short interview so we get to know the man behind the photos. Lighting For Photo: – Where are you from? Morgan Klang: – I was born in Sweden by Swedish parents but I left to go travelling around the world [...]

Photographer Jessica Wikström

Lighing for photo has just received some really impressive photos from swedish photographer Jessica Wikström, Aurora studios. Here is some more information about Jessica and what she thinks about photography. Lighting for photo: – Where are you from? Jessica Wikström: – Im from Stockholm but i grew up in Motala, Östergötland. Lighting for photo: – How [...]

Photographer Mattias Olsson

We are glad to present some really impressive lighting setups from New York based photographer Mattias Olsson. In this interview Mattias tells more about himself and his work. Lighting For Photo: – Where are you from? Mattias Olsson: – I was born in Malmö, Sweden. I moved to New York when I was 22 and [...]

Photographer Eivind Røhne

Lighting for photo: – Who are you and where are you from? Eivind Røhne: – I’m an enthusiastic and energetic photographer from Oslo in Norway, and I’m currently living just 10 minutes out of central Oslo. I’m a professional fashion, people, portrait and wedding photographer, but sometimes I do other stuff as well. Like when someone needs some crazy guy hanging out of a Ferrari or [...]

Photographer Cecilie Harris

London based photographer Cecilie Harris is shooting fashion, portrait, and since she is working at a music studio, she is also shooting musiscians. She will share some of her great lighting setups. Lighting for photo: – Where are you from? Cecilie Harris: – I’m from Norway, but have lived in London for the last 11 [...]

Photographer Pontus Höök

New York based photographer Pontus Höök is a great visual storyteller who has been shooting for Scandinavian newspapers and magazines in the US for more than a decade. He is also known for his photo blog:  A Swede in New York that features documentary pictures from the streets of Manhattan among other things. Lighting for photo: –Where [...]