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Wedding photographer Erika Gerdemark

Wedding photographer Erika Gerdemark is mainly shooting in natural light. She is sharing some good examples of best practice. See some more beautiful wedding photos at Erika Gerdemark’s blog Lighting For Photo: How old are you? Erika Gerdemark: – I’m 28 years old. Lighting For Photo: Where are you from? Erika Gerdemark: – I grew [...]

Photographer David Bicho

Meet professional photographer David Bicho, who will give you some very inspiring lighting setups. The best way to get to know David and his photographic style is to take a look at his impressive portfolio and of course read the interview. David, where are you from? – “Born and raised in Orminge, Stockholm, Sweden. How old [...]

Photographer Magnus Svensson of MAZ Studios

Get to know Magnus Svensson, contributing photographer. You can see his work in the upcoming post here and you can see even more of his work if you follow the links in this interview. Where are you from? – “I’m from Karlstad, Sweden. But I recently got a new studio in Stockholm so I probably [...]

Photographer Carl Swahn

A few questions answered by photographer Carl Swahn. Where are you from? – “I’m from Stockholm, Sweden.” How old are you? – “I’m 35.” How long have you’ve been into photography? – “I bought my first black and white darkroom in 1993, that’s when I got into it for the real. I developed pictures day [...]