Underwater photography lighting setup

Photographer Johan Marklund gives us this extraordinary under water lighting setup. Working with under water photography is slightly different from regular photography. Here is Johan’s own words about the photo session: – “Helena Engelbrecht offered me here assistance as a pre-lighting model for a commercial photoshoot I had promised to do underwater with the staff [...]

Swimwear fashion and background lighting

Eivind Røhne gives you a new great lighting setup. This is another shot from our fashion trip to Sardegna/Sardinia in Italy. It was a rather cold morning, and we had quite a few bikinis and bathing suits to go through, so we had to work fast. When temperatures are low like this, both the models [...]

White fashion photography on the beach

Norwegian photographer Eivind Røhne tells us about about this fashion photography lighting: As a fashion photographer shooting a lot of stuff outdoors, I often prefer to use the soft light in the shadows. And my clients as well. Then we shape and tweak the light to get it how we want it to look. We [...]

Lighting setup for swimwear fashion photography

Photographer Eivind Røhne gives you a great lighting setup for swimwear fashion photography: A lot of the fashion stuff I do is photographed abroad, especially since Norway is a rather cold place in November when we often do new spring and summer fashion stuff. This is for a magazine I work with, and this time we travelled to Malta. We try [...]

Fashion photography lighting without using any lighting equipment

This narrow room is not just an interesting rough looking location. It also provides good lighting possibilities, because of the short distance between the window and the wall on the other side of the room. Cecilie Harris took this photo without using any lighting equipment at all. Impressive. So if you don’t own a lot [...]

Natural light fashion photography

Believe it or not but this stunning fashion photo by Cecilie Harris is shot using 100 percent natural light. Cecilie and the model were under a bridge to avoid direct sunlight and used the reflected light from the right.

Fashion lighting with reflector and speedlight

Photographer Cecilie Harris shows us how to shoot amazing fashion with only a speedlight and a reflector. The unusual location provides light through a hole in the roof.

Beauty dish lighting for fashion photography

Here’s another great shot from photographer Cecilie Harris. The beauty dish gives a bit harder light than a softbox. If you don’t want the light to be too hard, you can use a reflector to reduce some of the shadows.