When finding the right location there’s no need for lighting equipment

London photographer Cecilie Harris tells us how she took this photo: – Shot outdoors. The beauty with the lighting in this photo is that there is no lighting! It’s simply knowing where to place your model. Although slightly overcast, there was still light almost coming through, so it created natural lighting without shadow in the [...]

Reflector lighting setup

Many of you already know London based photographer Cecilie Harris from some previously published lighting setups. Now she is back with some more of that great stuff, starting with a lighting setup using only a reflector. Cecilia Harris: – For this shoot I actual had real sunlight to play with and not just light on [...]

Fashion photography using natural light from a window

Stockholm based photographer Jessica Wikström gives us this amazing lighting setup using only natural light. Jessica: – The big window behind me gave a beautiful golden light on the model and i didnt have to use anything else but the window.

Beauty shot lighting setup

Photographer Jessica Wikström shows us how to take first class beauty shots, just like the ones you see in all those glossy magazines, using very little equipment. Jessica: – You dont always need a studio to take a clean shot! In this photo the model is standing infront of the bathroom door at the make [...]

Model photography on location

Hipolit Terpinsky is sharing this simple but useful lighting setup for on location photograpy. A word of wisdom, if the models hair acts like this in the wind, hang a extra sandbag on the softbox boom.

Outdoor fashion photography

Photographer Hipolit Terpinsky from Poland gives us this great inspiration of what you can achieve with only a fill light and some mad skills. More photos from Hipolit is coming up in a near future. Stay tuned!

Full figure portrait lighting setup, using speedlights and natural light

Here’s a nifty full figure portrait lighting setup provided by photographer Johan Marklund. – “I’m have many assignments that has to be done quick with little or no time for planning in advance and sometimes even less time for the actual shot. In my bag I always carry 2-3 small flashguns and a radio transmitter. [...]

Rock climbing lighting setup

Photographer Johan Marklund provides another great action sports lighting setup. Here’s the strory behind the photo: – “We were shooting some bouldering in Ailfroide, France, Julien Turin got hot and took his clothes of. Lightning setup is simple, afternoon sun from behind lightning the background, Big flash from behind for over all lightning of the [...]