On location model photography

Photographer Meggy Irawan took this photo on location with two strobes. One larger strobe with a beauty dish and a smaller strobe from behind without lighting modifiers. Looks good!

Dramatic lighting setup for a model outside an ancient temple

Here’s a new lighting setup from photographer Meggy Irawan. The strobes are used without any light modifiers. That creates a crisp and dramatic light in the scene. The temple is lit by the sun and parts of the background is slightly underexposed which makes the model more prominent.

Portrait lighting setup with a reflector and a strobe

This is a perfect lighting setup for all you that don’t have so much equipment but still want to take professional photos. All you need is one strobe that you can fire remotely and a reflector. Indonesian photographer Meggy Irawan shows us how the it’s done.

Two models lighting setup

This is actually two photos that’s been combined in photoshop. There is a beauty dish from the front, and the room you see behind the window is lit by a strobe without a lighting modifier.

Photographer Meggy Irawan

Here is an interview with the contributing photographer Meggy Irawan. Stay tuned for some of his lighting setups that will be published soon. Lighting for photo: – Where are you from? Meggy Irawan: – I come from Indonesia Lighting for photo: – How old are you? Meggy Irawan: –I’m 22 years old. Lighting for photo: [...]