Clamshell beauty lighting

Here is a clamshell lighting setup from photographer Morgan Klang. Using the umbrella and reflector together minimizes hard shadows and gives a smooth light.

Not from the photo studio

Photographer Morgan Klang shows us how to take great photos using only one reflector.

Vivid colors lighting setup

Here’s a lighting setup  from Morgan Klang that gives us crisp vivid colors. The key light is from a strobe with just a tight reflector on. That gives a punchy and distinct light and a shadow on the background. Then there is a softer fill light from a shoot through umbrella. By not having a [...]

Photographer Morgan Klang

Photographer Morgan Klang of gives us some inspiring lighting setups. Let’s start with a short interview so we get to know the man behind the photos. Lighting For Photo: – Where are you from? Morgan Klang: – I was born in Sweden by Swedish parents but I left to go travelling around the world [...]