Crisp lighting for model photography

Wellknown contributor Hipolit Terpinsky is back with another great lighting setup. The key light has just a small reflector which makes the light punchy, crisp and fresh. Then there’s a soft fill light from an octa which stands near the camera.

Low key studio lighting setup

This is a low key studio lighting setup from Hipolit Terpinsky. It’s taken with only two lights and a reflector on the model and no lights on the background.

Model photography on location

Hipolit Terpinsky is sharing this simple but useful lighting setup for on location photograpy. A word of wisdom, if the models hair acts like this in the wind, hang a extra sandbag on the softbox boom.

Studio lighting setup

Here is a studio lighting setup from photographer Hipolit Terpinsky. The key light is a softbox and the filler  is from a beauty dish. There are also two reflectors to kick up some some light. All lights are on the model, so the backdrop is slightly underexposed which gives the photo a more dramatic expression.

Retro style portrait lighting setup

Hipolit Terpinsky gives this nifty little lighting setup to all you retro lovers out there. To add that extra classic movie star touch, put a cigarette in the models mouth, and load your camera with old school grainy black and white film (Ilford FP4). But leave your flux capacitor at home.

Photographer Hipolit Terpinsky

Lighting for photo is publishing a beautiful bunch of lighting setups from the young and promising polish photographer Hipolit Terpinsky. Here is some more information about the man behind the photos. Lighting for photo: – Where are you from? Hipolit Terpinsky: – I am from Poland and I live In Wrocław but in the close [...]

Outdoor fashion photography

Photographer Hipolit Terpinsky from Poland gives us this great inspiration of what you can achieve with only a fill light and some mad skills. More photos from Hipolit is coming up in a near future. Stay tuned!