Butterfly lighting setup with Denice Andrée

Butterfly lighting setup with Swedish model Denice Andrée

This is a lighting setup by swedish photographer Carl Magnus Swahn.It is actually a classic butterfly lighting setup. I think it gives a very feminin character and I find suitable for classic beauty photos. This specific setup has the soft box with angle closer to the camera lens and less from above, so the characteristic butterfly shadow under the nose is not so prominent.

The photo was shot with a Lastolite Hilite 2,5 x 2,15 m giant soft box as a background. It was lit up by two Elinchrom strobes with a red/pink-ish gel filter to get that pink background. The gradient in the background was later enhanced in Photoshop. It’s difficult to see in the lighting diagram, but the Lastolite Hilite soft box is really huge. It’s like a huge lit up backdrop that easily can cover a full figure modell.

An Elinchrome Ranger (even though it was indoors) with a large soft box above the camera pointing at Denice. There was also a table with a silver metallic rescue blanket on it, used as a giant reflector. That gives a rectangular shape of the reflector and a much nicer catch light in the eyes.

If you zoom in on the photos and take a close look at the catch light in the eyes, you can clearly see the large soft box from above as well as the reflector from underneath.

The bokeh blur was added in photoshop.

The Lastolite Hilite Soft box is much larger than shown in the lighting diagram.
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Fruit splash photography lighting setup

This is a setup from the swedish photographer Carl Magnus Swahn.

– I used a small aquarium filled with water, and then I simply dropped different fruits in it. I dropped the fruit with one hand and triggered the camera via remote with my other hand. It took a while to get the timing right. Between every shot there was water drops on the inside of the aquarium, so I had to wipe it before the next shot to avoid blur.

These photos are from a series of about twenty different fruits dropped in water. So there was a lot of wiping the window of the aquarium. And a lot of retakes when the timing wasn’t perfect.

If I had to do it again today, I would probably done much more in the post editing. Even for those photos I reused parts of the best splashes. The most resonable way of doing this could be taking separat photos of just the water splash and the surface, and then edit in the fruits. Then I would be able to photo all fruits from perfect angles and combine it with perfect photos of splashing water.

I used two Canon EX 550 for this shot. They burn pretty fast, so the water splash can freeze. I had one with a soft box behind the aquarium and one without modifier from the right side. On the opposite side I used a reflector. I shot many different fruits and there was many different strobe settings depending on if the fruits were light, dark, colorful etc.

The splash makes the photo a bit more interesting than a regular still life photo of fruits.
If you look closely, you can recognise parts of the splash pattern that has been reused in the photo editing.
Two Canon EX 550 were used for this shot.

Dramatic lighting setup for a model outside an ancient temple

Combined photo and lighting diagram for this beautiful scene

Here’s a new lighting setup from photographer Meggy Irawan. The strobes are used without any light modifiers. That creates a crisp and dramatic light in the scene. The temple is lit by the sun and parts of the background is slightly underexposed which makes the model more prominent.

Portrait lighting setup with a reflector and a strobe

The reflector gives a soft light and the strobe from the back adds som details.

Here's the lighting diagram for the photo above.

This is a perfect lighting setup for all you that don’t have so much equipment but still want to take professional photos. All you need is one strobe that you can fire remotely and a reflector. Indonesian photographer Meggy Irawan shows us how the it’s done.

Two models lighting setup

A dramatic low key lighting setup that goes well with the black dress. Click to see in full size.

Lighting diagram for that low key lighting setup

This is actually two photos that’s been combined in photoshop. There is a beauty dish from the front, and the room you see behind the window is lit by a strobe without a lighting modifier.

Photographer Meggy Irawan

Photographer Meggy Irawan having a cup of coffee

Here is an interview with the contributing photographer Meggy Irawan. Stay tuned for some of his lighting setups that will be published soon.
Lighting for photo: – Where are you from?
Meggy Irawan: – I come from Indonesia
Lighting for photo: – How old are you?
Meggy Irawan: –I’m 22 years old.
Lighting for photo: – What do you like best about being a professional photographer?
Meggy Irawan: – A profesional photographer its my dream, basically art its my taste and my passion. Photo like a diamond because with light photo shine bright like a diamond
Lighting for photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?
Meggy Irawan: – I prefer using outdoor locations for sessions.
Lighting for photo: – What is your dream assignment?
Meggy Irawan: – Always give artistic photo for my consumen, my friends and my family
Lighting for photo: – Where do you find your inspiration?
Meggy Irawan: – In my smile room, and all unique place can give me inspiration
Lighting for photo: – What is the most common beginners misstakes when it comes to lighting?
Meggy Irawan: – Thought to make photos look like. Saw the light come from, put the object where, and what kind of camera settings
Lighting for photo: – What is always in your camera bag?
Meggy Irawan: – Nikon D700, D7000 , 28-85 nikkor lens, 135 f2,8 50 f1,8 . 2 SB 800, triger
Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite lighting setup?
Meggy Irawan: – I prefer lighting setups using strobist light with AAA batteries
Lighting for photo: – What is your worst photo experience?
Meggy Irawan: – The memory card in my camera crashed and I wasn’t able to rescue any of them on my computer.
Lighting for photo: – What are the characteristics of your photos ?

Meggy Irawan: – Using equipment that is very minimalist. and make photos more attractive with dramatic effect. I prefer the natural light in both models fashion photo, beauty and photo prewedding photos. Sense of color is my soul in the process images in Photoshop

See more of Meggys work at meggyirawan.com

Dramatic lighting

The hard light gives a dramatic look n feel

One light source is all that was used for this lighting setup.

Another great contribution from photographer Pedro Moreno.

The camera had a WB in Flash,  Canon 5D MK II, 24-70mm, Aperture F 5.6, shutter 1/125, ISO 400.  Main light Canon 580EXII with a grid. My assistant was up high and pointing down the speedlight on to my subject.