Photographer Carl Swahn

Contributing photographer Carl Swahn

A few questions answered by photographer Carl Swahn.

Where are you from?

– “I’m from Stockholm, Sweden.”

How old are you?

– “I’m 35.”

How long have you’ve been into photography?

– “I bought my first black and white darkroom in 1993, that’s when I got into it for the real. I developed pictures day and night. The next big step was when I bought my first DSLR, a Canon EOS 300D (kiss?).”

Which photographic genres do you like best?

– “I work across many different genres, fashion, advertising, product, stockimages and more, but I like to take photos of people in general.”

What is your dream assignment?

– “Since I most of all like to take photos of people I would rather think of a dream session with a person, than a dream assignment. I would really like a photo session with Charlize Theron who is not just extremely fotogenique, but also a great actress. I’ve understood that she had a tough background and has been working really hard to achieve all her well deserved success. That’s inspiring, and I like working with people that inspires me.”

Your favorite website?

– “Smashing magazine is very inspiring, even though it’s not specifically about photography.”

What other photographers do you like?

– “I like photographers that go their own way and take photos with heavy impact. Larry Clark and Terry Richardsson are such photographers and I really love what they do. Since this is a blog about lighting setups I feel that I must mention Jill Greenberg and David La Chapelle even if that might be a bit too predictable.”

Your favorite lighting setup?

– “Even though I’m very interested in lighting setups, I have no specific favorite. But I like shooting on location so I prefer lighting setups that doesn’t require much lighting equipment.”

Favorite photo accessory?

– “That must be my Elinchrom Skyport, a radio trigger for my strobes. It’s really great!”

Let’s have a look at some of your photos

Here’s my blog in Swedish: Carl Magnus Swahn

or take a look at my istock portfolio.

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