Wedding fashion

Wedding photography marries fashion photography in Eivinds beautiful photo.
Wedding fashion lighting diagram

Photographer Eivind Røhne gives you another great fashion lighting setup. Here’s the full story:

This was a shoot we did for a Norwegian shoe designer who designs wedding shoes and evening/party shoes under the Anna Johnson designer label. The images were mainly for catalogue use, but also other marketing stuff like national magazine ads and big roll-ups. The location was a fantastic place called the Losby Mansion (Losby Gods).

The designer wanted the whole shoot to look like real. Like a real bride, with all her emotions and things swirling around in her head on the morning of her wedding day. So we got a wonderful model called Kine, who gave us some really great poses and looks that day. Wonderful girl!

I wanted to have soft overall lighting in the room, but with a little direction to it. The ceiling was rather neutral in color, so I set up an Elinchrom 600W flash head with nothing but the standard reflector on it. I aimed it up into one of the corners of the room, and measured it to give me around f/4 almost everywhere in the room. Then I set up another Elinchrom 600W with a big Octa shaped softbox to give me some sidelighting on the model. I measured that one so the total of both flash heads were f/8 on the model.

I love mirrors, and the mirrored image of Kine was what I was after. So I focused on her eyes in the mirror and let her strike some soft, gentle and sensual poses in front of it. Love it!

The whole shoot was done on a medium format digital Hasselblad with a 50-110mm lens, and this image was shot at f/8 and 1/125 second at ISO 50.


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