Photographer Hipolit Terpinsky

Young and talented photographer Hipolit Terpinsky shows that not only the models know how to pose.

Lighting for photo is publishing a beautiful bunch of lighting setups from the young and promising polish photographer Hipolit Terpinsky. Here is some more information about the man behind the photos.

Lighting for photo: – Where are you from?

Hipolit Terpinsky: – I am from Poland and I live In Wrocław but in the close future I am going to London for the photography courses and to look for the job connected with that field.

Lighting for photo: –How old are you?

Hipolit Terpinsky: – 21 years old

Lighting for photo: –How long have you been into photography?

Hipolit Terpinsky: –Generally, it is my 4th year with photography but I have been taking fashion pictures for 2 years. I don’t treat it only as a hobby, I breathe it!

Lighting for photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?

Hipolit Terpinsky: – Last 6 months I spent in the studio grinding my skills but I am afraid it’s due to my laziness.

Lighting for photo: – What is your dream assignment?

Hipolit Terpinsky: – I think I will not surprise you but I’d love to work with the most prominent creators and to develop my craft. I wish I could reach the satisfactory level and be proud of my shots.

Lighting for photo: – What other photograpers do you like?

Hipolit Terpinsky: – David La Chappelle is my main guru, I adore his projects, colours, outfits. I appreciate also Vee Spears, Annie Leibovitz and polish photographer, Marcin Tyszka.

Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite piece of photo equipment?

Hipolit Terpinsky: –5D+24-105 L, it is the best and dependably stuff and I would never change it!

Lighting for photo: – What is the most common beginners misstakes when it comes to lighting?

Hipolit Terpinsky: – I reckon it’s when you use more than one lamp. I used to make that mistake but later on, I realized you should be able to work with single lightening and than just add more.

Lighting for photo: –What is your favorite lighting setup?

Hipolit Terpinsky: – Beautydish+Reflector+fan

Lighting for photo: – What is your worst photo experience?

Hipolit Terpinsky: –That was during the session when the softbox (150 cm) unexpectedly fell from the ceiling straight on my model! Luckily, nothing harming happened. I do not cherish when I had to rescue my camera from the mud, that’s why I do not like sessions on location.

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