Beauty shot lighting setup

I could do this too if I had a million dollar studio, you might be thinking aight?
Beauty shot lighting diagram

Photographer Jessica Wikström shows us how to take first class beauty shots, just like the ones you see in all those glossy magazines, using very little equipment.

Jessica: – You dont always need a studio to take a clean shot! In this photo the model is standing infront of the bathroom door at the make up artists place. The make up artist was also my assistant and held the softbox over my head and i was sitting on a chair under it.

One thought on “Beauty shot lighting setup”

  1. Actually, the softbox is placed to the right of the photographer, as you can see from the shadow in the left part of the photograph. So the scheme is mirror horizontally.

    The lack of shadow on the background suggests that the model is standing a couple of feet away (at least) from the background.

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