Vivid colors lighting setup

The hard light makes the vivid colors appear, and gives some extra punchiness to the photo.

Here’s a lighting setup  from Morgan Klang that gives us crisp vivid colors. The key light is from a strobe with just a tight reflector on. That gives a punchy and distinct light and a shadow on the background. Then there is a softer fill light from a shoot through umbrella. By not having a dedicated strobe on the background, the shadow will be more prominent and add that extra crispiness to the photo.

One thought on “Vivid colors lighting setup”

  1. Honestly, the lighting diagram looks wrong to me.
    If the fill light was positioned like that, shouldn’t there be a soft shadow from fill on the background?
    And the shadows in the picture look like the fill light was more or less 90° to the camera, not 45° as shown in the diagram?
    Or am I mistaken??

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