Photographer Meggy Irawan

Photographer Meggy Irawan having a cup of coffee
Here is an interview with the contributing photographer Meggy Irawan. Stay tuned for some of his lighting setups that will be published soon.
Lighting for photo: – Where are you from?
Meggy Irawan: – I come from Indonesia
Lighting for photo: – How old are you?
Meggy Irawan: –I’m 22 years old.
Lighting for photo: – What do you like best about being a professional photographer?
Meggy Irawan: – A profesional photographer its my dream, basically art its my taste and my passion. Photo like a diamond because with light photo shine bright like a diamond
Lighting for photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?
Meggy Irawan: – I prefer using outdoor locations for sessions.
Lighting for photo: – What is your dream assignment?
Meggy Irawan: – Always give artistic photo for my consumen, my friends and my family
Lighting for photo: – Where do you find your inspiration?
Meggy Irawan: – In my smile room, and all unique place can give me inspiration
Lighting for photo: – What is the most common beginners misstakes when it comes to lighting?
Meggy Irawan: – Thought to make photos look like. Saw the light come from, put the object where, and what kind of camera settings
Lighting for photo: – What is always in your camera bag?
Meggy Irawan: – Nikon D700, D7000 , 28-85 nikkor lens, 135 f2,8 50 f1,8 . 2 SB 800, triger
Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite lighting setup?
Meggy Irawan: – I prefer lighting setups using strobist light with AAA batteries
Lighting for photo: – What is your worst photo experience?
Meggy Irawan: – The memory card in my camera crashed and I wasn’t able to rescue any of them on my computer.
Lighting for photo: – What are the characteristics of your photos ?

Meggy Irawan: – Using equipment that is very minimalist. and make photos more attractive with dramatic effect. I prefer the natural light in both models fashion photo, beauty and photo prewedding photos. Sense of color is my soul in the process images in Photoshop

See more of Meggys work at

Photographer Pedro Moreno

Photographer Pedro Moreno

Photographer Pedro Moreno will show you the lighting setup for some of his beautiful photos. Here is is short interview with Pedro:

Lighting For Photo: – Where are you from?

Pedro Moreno: – I am from Venezuela but I live in Spain at the moment

Lighting For Photo: – How old are you?

Pedro Moreno: – 46

Lighting For Photo: – How long have you been into photography?

Pedro Moreno: – About 7 years

Lighting For Photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?

Pedro Moreno: – Location.  I like very much the challenges of lighting when you are outdoors or warehouses… Also always the background is different and I do play with that.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your dream assignment?

Pedro Moreno: – I would love to do an editorial for Italian Vogue

Lighting For Photo: – What other photographers do you like?

Pedro Moreno: – Steven Meisel, Annie Leibovitz, Koudelka, Helmut Newton, Joe Mcnally, Jordan Matthew Smith, amount others.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your favorite piece of photo equipment?

Pedro Moreno: – I love my Canon 5D MK II because is a full frame with the 100mm, 2.8 lense. I use it all the time. In lighting the one I use the most is the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra A with a Octave 1mt and deflectors. In my lenses also I use ND filters

Lighting For Photo: – What is the most common beginners misstakes when it comes to lighting?

Pedro Moreno: – Trying to buy everything they think they need. My advise is get to know what you have… I feel there is not right or wrong camera… just make the best out of it. Go out and shoot. The equipment won’t make you a better photographer.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your favorite lighting setup?

Pedro Moreno: – Elinchrom Ranger Quadra with an “A” head… love the fact is lo light to travel with it and it give me 1/6000 when I need it.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your worst photo experience?

Pedro Moreno: – Working for a client once… doing some photos at the beach… my camera got splash by a wave… I wasn’t expecting such a big wave and I thought my camera was all lost including the canon 70-200m 2.8 IS. Everything was very wet… luckily the Canon 5D MK II is build with this kind of situations in mind and nothing happen… that is one of the reason is costly… God was with me that day!!!   🙂

Check out mor of Pedros work at:

Photographer Morgan Klang

Photographer Morgan Klang of gives us some inspiring lighting setups. Let’s start with a short interview so we get to know the man behind the photos.

Lighting For Photo: – Where are you from?

Morgan Klang: – I was born in Sweden by Swedish parents but I left to go travelling around the world over 15 years ago.

Since then I have lived/worked in Israel, Egypt, Palestine, UK, Ireland, Holland, Caribbean and now back live in UK again.

I will never return back to Sweden again I think…… I have found that I am too different today; I do not fit into the Scandinavian thinking and mentality any longer so I will just not feel at ease in Sweden any longer.

Actually the ONLY place I feel “home” nowadays is London, everywhere else I feel like a misfit J

Lighting For Photo: – How old are you?

Morgan Klang: – Physically or in mind? In my mind, around 25-30, but physically close to 50 and going downhill 😉

Lighting For Photo: – How long have you been into photography?

Morgan Klang: – Since back in the late 80’s, I taught myself using silver media such as Tri-X, Rodinal, Ilford Multigrade, D76 and all that other nice stuff.

Lighting For Photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?

Morgan Klang: – I am 98% outside the studio, and use available light 75% of the time.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your dream assignment?

Access to a foreign tribe somewhere in Africa/India/South America/Asia or wherever else where I can live with them for a prolonged period of time and get into understanding their thinking and outlook on life whilst shooting them.

Lighting For Photo: – What other photographers do you like?

Morgan Klang: – Soo many and too many, there are even too many fields + areas as well.

– Joey Lawrence is a very young lad, however he is better than some who have shot a lifetime.

– Yuri Arcurs is technically great; but his images can be perceived as boring, predictable and sterile for some.

– Another one is David Hobby that I like to watch in action.

– Beside the “boring ones” above I have deep respect for all who are hardcore; with that I mean all the news-photographers who go out there and put their life on the line to give us a story….. Everyone all the way back from Frank Capa up until today.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your favourite piece of photo equipment?

Morgan Klang: – Analogue: My old trusted Canon F1 and my favourite chunks of glass, 85mm 1.8 and 24mm 2.8.

Digital: Then I just love my Canon D7 and the 70-200 2.8

Besides the camera itself, it must be the reflector, ANY type of reflector such as the “proper collapsible one”, or just a door, or maybe a wall, could also be a shirt, or just a sheet of paper, yes anything that is able bounce light will do and can do wonders at times 😉

Lighting For Photo: – What is the most common beginners mistakes when it comes to lighting?

Morgan Klang: – Not being able to “see” light before shooting, for example unable to perceive how contrast and angles of light will affect the end result before they take the shot. But this can be easily overcome by training, training, training, shooting, shooting, shooting.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your favourite lighting setup?

Morgan Klang: – Natural light, preferably large windows or doors and a reflector/bouncer.

Lighting For Photo: – What I your best photo experience?

Morgan Klang: – I came third in a Swedish competition called fotomaraton in Stockholm (before the digital age) and I think it was late 80s or early 90s.

Today I can not recall exactly, but I think we must have been around a thousand competitors who were each given a roll of film with 24 exposures. We then had to use this to shoot one subject every hour that meant we only had one attempt for each subject during 24hrs.

It was extremely tiresome but VERY funny and a GREAT experience.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your worst photo experience?

Morgan Klang: – When I shot “Ice Cube” (Rap artist & actor); he was the worst human being I have ever met.

Afraid I would classify him as socially handicapped because he was arrogant, egotistical, bigheaded, haughty and narcissistic to the extreme!!

I would not like to have him as my friend even if I was paid for it, something is not right in that mans head. I still wonder why he allowed me to shoot him, maybe because he wanted to be center of the attention and bring more tribute to himself by having his photo published.

Photographer Jessica Wikström

Photographer Jessica Wikstrom

Lighing for photo has just received some really impressive photos from swedish photographer Jessica Wikström, Aurora studios. Here is some more information about Jessica and what she thinks about photography.

Lighting for photo: – Where are you from?

Jessica Wikström: – Im from Stockholm but i grew up in Motala, Östergötland.

Lighting for photo: – How old are you?

Jessica Wikström: – 26 years young

Lighting for photo: – How long have you been into photography?

Jessica Wikström: – Time flies but i think im on my 5th year now.

Lighting for photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?

Jessica Wikström: – Love location! I save studio for rainy days.

Lighting for photo: – What is your dream assignment?

Jessica Wikström: – It would be awesome to spend the day with Andrej Pejic and plan a big fashion shoot out in some desert.

Lighting for photo: – What other photograpers do you like?

Jessica Wikström: –  My biggest inspiration right now is Camilla Åkrans and Matthew Jordan Smith.

Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite piece of photo equipment?

Jessica Wikström: –  My 24-70 lens, never walk on to a set without it.

Lighting for photo: – What is the most common beginners misstakes when it comes to lighting?

Jessica Wikström: – Thinking that you need a ton of lightning equipment. No one ever tells you that you can do a lot with just one flash.

Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite lighting setup?

Jessica Wikström: – One flash, one softbox.

Lighting for photo: – What is your worst photo experience?

Jessica Wikström: – I once was supposed to shoot beauty, a portfolio job. I was handed a super small room with white painted walls and 2 Profoto Pro7 1200 generators. The light bounced everywhere and i had no screen to use so all the pictures ended up flat with super hard light no matter what i did. The client wanted the pictures asap but “without the ugly walls” so i had to spend over 20 hours in Photoshop to save the pictures. I did cry a little bit.

Photographer Mattias Olsson

Photographer Mattias Olsson in Mexico

We are glad to present some really impressive lighting setups from New York based photographer Mattias Olsson. In this interview Mattias tells more about himself and his work.

Lighting For Photo: – Where are you from?

Mattias Olsson: – I was born in Malmö, Sweden. I moved to New York when I was 22 and lived there for 13 years. I recently moved back to Sweden and now live in Stockholm.

Lighting For Photo: – How old are you?

Mattias Olsson: –38.

Lighting For Photo: – How long have you been into photography?

Mattias Olsson: – Since I was about 13, 14.

Lighting For Photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?

Mattias Olsson: – I do almost all of my work on location. But I do enjoy shooting in the studio sometimes too. There’s nothing quite like shooting a portrait in a great daylight studio.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your dream assignment?

Mattias Olsson: – I’ve always liked David Byrne (from Talking Heads). It would be cool to spend a day with him, making portraits for Interview, or some other funky magazine.

Lighting For Photo: – What other photograpers do you like?

Mattias Olsson: – Arthur Elgort, James Nachtwey, Sebastiao Salgado, Edward Weston.
What is your favorite piece of photo equipment?

Mattias Olsson: – My Speed Graphic 4″x5″ camera from the 60’s. And my beautiful Rolleiflex.

Lighting For Photo: – What is the most common beginners misstakes when it comes to lighting?

Mattias Olsson: – Killing the mood with too much light. And not seeing/finding the natural light.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your favorite lighting setup?

Mattias Olsson: – I always work with natural light when possible. And when I can’t, I tend to light a set to make it feel like natural light. Unless the scene is supposed to be dramatic, like a portrait of a musician in a club or some other nightscene.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your worst photo experience?

Mattias Olsson: – I was a very green assistant, maybe I was 19 or 20 years old. I had just started working with this semi-famous photographer, and he had shot an important advertising job. This was in the early 90’s, so we’re talking film not digital. He shot the whole thing on medium format TMAX 100 film. My job was to develop the 20 or so rolls and make contact sheets. Since I was new I didn’t know this particular darkroom too well. I used the developer from the container labeled TMAX Developer. It was a liquid that should me mixed 1 part chemical to 4 parts water. Then you warm it to 20 degrees Celcius, and now you’re ready to process the film. The problem in this case was that the developer I used had already been mixed 1+4. So I had taken the finished developer and diluted it again 1+4. Needless to say the film came out very thin and under developed. And of course I thought I was being very efficient and had processed all 20 rolls at the same time. By some miraculous luck I was able to make the contacts (using the 5+ filter for the B/W paper, meaning the highest contrast), and the prints for the job, and the photographer and the client never found out.

Photographer Eivind Røhne

Norwegian photographer Eivind Røhne

Lighting for photo: – Who are you and where are you from?

Eivind Røhne: – I’m an enthusiastic and energetic photographer from Oslo in Norway, and I’m currently living just 10 minutes out of central Oslo. I’m a professional fashion, people, portrait and wedding photographer, but sometimes I do other stuff as well. Like when someone needs some crazy guy hanging out of a Ferrari or something with a camera at 60 mph for an editorial, they don’t have to ask me twice. My clients are mainly Norwegian, but I also have several clients from around the globe. Even though Oslo and Norway is my main base, I do photoshoots around the world. Sometimes (=very often…) the weather in Norway just isn’t right, so lots of fashion stuff is done abroad.

Lighting for photo: – Any websites or blogs?

Eivind Røhne: – My main website is I redesigned it just in time for summer, and an English version is hopefully coming out soon. It’s mainly pictures though, and pictures speak louder than words. I’ve also got a blog at with behind the scenes stuff, news from photoshoots, samples etc. The blog’s only in Norwegian. I used to have an English version as well, but didn’t have the time to keep two blogs updated at all times. But if you don’t read Norwegian, this is a great chance to learn!

Lighting for photo: – How old are you?

Eivind Røhne: – I’m a classic! A model -68 that is…

Lighting for photo: – How long have you been into photography?

Eivind Røhne: – Professionally I started out in the late 90’s, but I’ve been a keen photographer since childhood. Started out with fantastic film cameras from Pentax and Hasselblad, and also spent my time in those smelly darkrooms. Charming, at least when you could combine the smell of chemicals with a class of good red wine. But then one day in January 2005, I borrowed a 22 megapixel digital medium format Hasselblad and I was just hooked! I borrowed it for some time, tested it on several assignments, and ended up buying one. Had to wait until early summer 2005 before it was delivered though. I think I was one of the very first here in Norway to have one, and it really beat the crap out of everything else digital at that time. I’ve been fully digital since, apart for some personal projects and art that I still shoot on medium format film.

Lighting for photo: – What is your dream assignment?

Eivind Røhne: – It would be cool doing a big fashion story with cover and everything for Vogue of course, or a major campaign from one of the really big designer houses. None mentioned – none forgotten, so feel free to get in touch anyone! Or maybe get to travel around the globe to meet and photograph the 10 most important leaders of our time my way. Or for something more local, it would be cool to shoot the next fashion campaign for two Norwegian designers called “Moods of Norway”. They design really cool stuff, and basically just seem like great guys to work with.

Lighting for photo: – Who is your favorite photographer?

Eivind Røhne: – It’s really very hard to name a favorite photographer. I’m influenced by a lot of imagery, and it’s the images that impress and inspire me, more than the persons doing them. But I enjoy the work from people like Penn, Avedon, Bailey, Newton, Testino and LaChapelle. And also a bunch of the good old painters and artists like Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Da Vinci.

Lighting for photo: – What is the most common beginner mistake when it comes to lighting?

Eivind Røhne: – I think the most common mistake is that people think they need to buy lots of lighting stuff, and many people over-light things as well. My goal is not to overcomplicate things, but rather solve them the best way I can, with the least amount of equipment. Sometimes you can do wonders with a bit of tin-foil, a white piece of cloth, or one small flash unit. I think it’s more how you see the light and position yourself with the camera, than how many watts you can throw at the subject.

Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite lighting setup?

Eivind Røhne: – I don’t really have one. It all depends on the job and the mood I want to create. But I really do love natural lights with reflectors and stuff, and maybe also mixing it with some flash.

Lighting for photo: – What is your worst photo experience?

Eivind Røhne: – I have had 3-4 times in the studio when the freakin’ Hasselblad digital camera systems have just given up, and I’ve had to get dealer support at times when they’re really not meant to be that supportive… It’s no fun when a camera system costing more than a car just gives up on you with the client and a big team present. I’ve never had any other cameras breaking down but the digital Hasselblads. Not my current digital Nikons, or any other digital camera either by the way… Money really doesn’t buy you reliability if you ask me. Just lots of pixels and an aching back…

Lighting for photo: – What’s your future plans?

Eivind Røhne: – I get a lot of tips from others that I should get myself an agent. So if anyone knows of any good agents, or any good agents reads this, feel free to get in touch!

Photographer Cecilie Harris

Cecilie Harris in deep concentration

London based photographer Cecilie Harris is shooting fashion, portrait, and since she is working at a music studio, she is also shooting musiscians. She will share some of her great lighting setups.

Lighting for photo: – Where are you from?

Cecilie Harris: – I’m from Norway, but have lived in London for the last 11 years.

Lighting for photo: – How old are you?

Cecilie Harris: – 36…. shhhhhh

Lighting for photo: – How long have you been into photography?

Cecilie Harris: – I’ve always been photographing, as it seems to be the “thing” we do in my family. But only started doing my photography more seriously about three years ago.

Lighting for photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?

Cecilie Harris: – I much prefer locations, as for me that helps create a story in the image. It also tends to give the models I’m working with more to play with. Of course there are challenges like “you’re not supposed to be shooting here” or weather challenges, but it’s part of the fun to work around anything that creates a challenge.

Lighting for photo: – What is your dream assignment?

Cecilie Harris: – Shooting Natalie Portman at an amazing location with a super team

Lighting for photo: – What other photograpers do you like?

Cecilie Harris: – I love photographers that can create beauty from something ordinary. I love editorials by Craig McDean, Greg Kadel, Tim Walker, Solve Sundbo and Patrick Demarchelier at the moment.

Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite piece of photo equipment?

Cecilie Harris: – My Canon 5D mark2

Lighting for photo: – What is the most common beginners misstakes when it comes to lighting?

Cecilie Harris: – I’ve probably done them all! I think to master something it’s healthy to do mistakes and learn from them. There are so many ways to light things, and personally I don’t use massive amounts of expensive lighting equipment. I love to use natural light where possible. I quickly learned that if use use lenses that lets in enough light and use reflectors to bounce the available light where I want it, I can get some great results.

Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite lighting setup?

Cecilie Harris: – Outdoor I prefer using natural lighting and bring my trusted reflector (and someone to hold it). In studio I love my beauty dish, and then use some fill on one or two sides or from the back, pending on what effect I’m trying to achieve.

Lighting for photo: – What is your worst photo experience?

Cecilie Harris: – Working with models that can’t model, but think they can.

If you want to know more about Cecilie, have a look at here:


Agency: A selection of my images are with Camera Press and available for magazines and websites to purchase for publication



Photographer Pontus Höök

Photographer Pontus Höök, a swede in New York

New York based photographer Pontus Höök is a great visual storyteller who has been shooting for Scandinavian newspapers and magazines in the US for more than a decade. He is also known for his photo blog:  A Swede in New York that features documentary pictures from the streets of Manhattan among other things.

Lighting for photo: –Where are you from?

Pontus Höök: – I grew up in Tranemo, Västergötland, which is one hour southeast of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Lighting for photo: –How old are you?

Pontus Höök: – I’m 38.

Lighting for photo: –How long have you been into photography?

Pontus Höök: – My interest in photography started in High School. They offered photography classes and I thought it was heaven to walk around aimlessly and just shoot pictures of people. My father understood I was serious about photography so he remodeled our sauna at home to let me use it as a darkroom. When I was 18, I started out as an intern at the local newspaper Borås Tidning. Now I have been living in New York for the last 13 years, and I’m working primarily for Scandinavian publications.

Lighting for photo: –What is your dream assignment?

Pontus Höök: – My dream assignment would be to go on a road trip throughout the US and to shoot great pictures of people I meet along the way.

Lighting for photo: – What is the most common mistake beginners make when it comes to lighting?

Pontus Höök: – Beginners can make it more complicated than it has to be. I’m all for keeping it simple.

Lighting for photo: –What is your worst photo experience?

Pontus Höök: – It was probably when I was asked to shoot pictures of a CEO for a big American company, and he left after two shots. Thankfully, I still got the picture needed.

Lighting for photo: – What do you think of the thin line between image adjustment, enhancement, editing and manipulation in documentary pictures? What is acceptable?

Pontus Höök: – Some of the documentary pictures that you see in different photo competitions are so heavily photoshopped that it’s more art than anything else. Since these pictures make it into the competitions it is somewhat given a stamp of approval. That alone blurs the line between what is documentary and what is art.

This is why I think it is very important for newspapers and photo agencies to have a clear picture policy.