Beauty dish lighting for fashion photography

The beauty dish gives a hard light that feels just right for fashion photography
Lighting diagram for fashion photography with beauty dish and reflector

Here’s another great shot from photographer Cecilie Harris. The beauty dish gives a bit harder light than a softbox. If you don’t want the light to be too hard, you can use a reflector to reduce some of the shadows.

Fashion lighting setup with two models

A window, a reflector, two models and ...voila!
Even when shooting two models, Cecilie knows how to do it with a minimum of lighting equipment.

Here is a stylish black and white fashion photo by photographer Cecilie Harris. The lighting setup is very simple using only a window and a reflector, yet the result is amazing. Very inspiring!

Photographer Cecilie Harris

Cecilie Harris in deep concentration

London based photographer Cecilie Harris is shooting fashion, portrait, and since she is working at a music studio, she is also shooting musiscians. She will share some of her great lighting setups.

Lighting for photo: – Where are you from?

Cecilie Harris: – I’m from Norway, but have lived in London for the last 11 years.

Lighting for photo: – How old are you?

Cecilie Harris: – 36…. shhhhhh

Lighting for photo: – How long have you been into photography?

Cecilie Harris: – I’ve always been photographing, as it seems to be the “thing” we do in my family. But only started doing my photography more seriously about three years ago.

Lighting for photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?

Cecilie Harris: – I much prefer locations, as for me that helps create a story in the image. It also tends to give the models I’m working with more to play with. Of course there are challenges like “you’re not supposed to be shooting here” or weather challenges, but it’s part of the fun to work around anything that creates a challenge.

Lighting for photo: – What is your dream assignment?

Cecilie Harris: – Shooting Natalie Portman at an amazing location with a super team

Lighting for photo: – What other photograpers do you like?

Cecilie Harris: – I love photographers that can create beauty from something ordinary. I love editorials by Craig McDean, Greg Kadel, Tim Walker, Solve Sundbo and Patrick Demarchelier at the moment.

Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite piece of photo equipment?

Cecilie Harris: – My Canon 5D mark2

Lighting for photo: – What is the most common beginners misstakes when it comes to lighting?

Cecilie Harris: – I’ve probably done them all! I think to master something it’s healthy to do mistakes and learn from them. There are so many ways to light things, and personally I don’t use massive amounts of expensive lighting equipment. I love to use natural light where possible. I quickly learned that if use use lenses that lets in enough light and use reflectors to bounce the available light where I want it, I can get some great results.

Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite lighting setup?

Cecilie Harris: – Outdoor I prefer using natural lighting and bring my trusted reflector (and someone to hold it). In studio I love my beauty dish, and then use some fill on one or two sides or from the back, pending on what effect I’m trying to achieve.

Lighting for photo: – What is your worst photo experience?

Cecilie Harris: – Working with models that can’t model, but think they can.

If you want to know more about Cecilie, have a look at here:


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