Dramatic lighting

The hard light gives a dramatic look n feel
One light source is all that was used for this lighting setup.

Another great contribution from photographer Pedro Moreno.

The camera had a WB in Flash,  Canon 5D MK II, 24-70mm, Aperture F 5.6, shutter 1/125, ISO 400.  Main light Canon 580EXII with a grid. My assistant was up high and pointing down the speedlight on to my subject.

Lighting setup up for action style fashion photography

With a lighting like this, you can take your shades of and still look cool.
Elinchrome Quadra RX is great for lighting setups on location.

Pedro Moreno gives us the details for this setup.

– The camera had a WB in Flash,  Canon 5D MK II, 70-200mm, Aperture F 10, shutter 1/200, ISO 100 with.  Main light Elinchrom Quadra RX with a diffuser. I did trigger the light with an Skyport.

Fashion photography with one light source

One light source and a kick ass make up is all it takes to make fashion photos that are this awesome
Here's how the lighting is done. The make up might be trickier.

Photographer Pedro Moreno shares this lighting setup that only uses one light source.

Pedro: – The camera had a WB in Sun,  Canon 5D MK II, 100mm, Aperture 2.8, shutter 1/125, ISO 100 with. Main light Elinchrom Quadra RX with a Octave 1mt in silver and the sun was giving me a golden tone on the neck’s shadows. I triggered the light with an Skyport.

Low key fashion photography

An excellent lighting setup for low key photography. Playing with the white balance gives a dramatic nightish look and feel.
Low key photography lighting diagram

Photographer Pedro Moreno from Spain shares a low key lighting setup for fashion photography.

Pedro: – The camera had a WB in Tounsgten,  Canon 5D MK II, 100mm, Exposition 5.0, shutter 1/60, ISO 200 with.  Main light Elinchrom Quadra RX with a Octave 1mt in silver and 1 Canon 580EXII speedlite as a kicker light. I did trigger everything with an Skyport.

Photographer Pedro Moreno

Photographer Pedro Moreno

Photographer Pedro Moreno will show you the lighting setup for some of his beautiful photos. Here is is short interview with Pedro:

Lighting For Photo: – Where are you from?

Pedro Moreno: – I am from Venezuela but I live in Spain at the moment

Lighting For Photo: – How old are you?

Pedro Moreno: – 46

Lighting For Photo: – How long have you been into photography?

Pedro Moreno: – About 7 years

Lighting For Photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?

Pedro Moreno: – Location.  I like very much the challenges of lighting when you are outdoors or warehouses… Also always the background is different and I do play with that.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your dream assignment?

Pedro Moreno: – I would love to do an editorial for Italian Vogue

Lighting For Photo: – What other photographers do you like?

Pedro Moreno: – Steven Meisel, Annie Leibovitz, Koudelka, Helmut Newton, Joe Mcnally, Jordan Matthew Smith, amount others.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your favorite piece of photo equipment?

Pedro Moreno: – I love my Canon 5D MK II because is a full frame with the 100mm, 2.8 lense. I use it all the time. In lighting the one I use the most is the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra A with a Octave 1mt and deflectors. In my lenses also I use ND filters

Lighting For Photo: – What is the most common beginners misstakes when it comes to lighting?

Pedro Moreno: – Trying to buy everything they think they need. My advise is get to know what you have… I feel there is not right or wrong camera… just make the best out of it. Go out and shoot. The equipment won’t make you a better photographer.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your favorite lighting setup?

Pedro Moreno: – Elinchrom Ranger Quadra with an “A” head… love the fact is lo light to travel with it and it give me 1/6000 when I need it.

Lighting For Photo: – What is your worst photo experience?

Pedro Moreno: – Working for a client once… doing some photos at the beach… my camera got splash by a wave… I wasn’t expecting such a big wave and I thought my camera was all lost including the canon 70-200m 2.8 IS. Everything was very wet… luckily the Canon 5D MK II is build with this kind of situations in mind and nothing happen… that is one of the reason is costly… God was with me that day!!!   🙂

Check out mor of Pedros work at: www.pmorenofotografo.com