Fashion photography using natural light from a window

Natural light photography FTW!
Lighting diagram of the natural light photo

Stockholm based photographer Jessica Wikström gives us this amazing lighting setup using only natural light.

Jessica: – The big window behind me gave a beautiful golden light on the model and i didnt have to use anything else but the window.

Backlight portrait lighting setup

Great make up and great lighting.
A octabox source from behind and a reflector from the side.

Here’s a simple but useful lighting setup from photographer Jessica Wikström.

Jessica: – The plan for this picture was to create a soft backlight but I changed my mind and got the reflector to lighten up the models face and get some more contrast into the picture.

Beauty shot lighting setup

I could do this too if I had a million dollar studio, you might be thinking aight?
Beauty shot lighting diagram

Photographer Jessica Wikström shows us how to take first class beauty shots, just like the ones you see in all those glossy magazines, using very little equipment.

Jessica: – You dont always need a studio to take a clean shot! In this photo the model is standing infront of the bathroom door at the make up artists place. The make up artist was also my assistant and held the softbox over my head and i was sitting on a chair under it.

Photographer Jessica Wikström

Photographer Jessica Wikstrom

Lighing for photo has just received some really impressive photos from swedish photographer Jessica Wikström, Aurora studios. Here is some more information about Jessica and what she thinks about photography.

Lighting for photo: – Where are you from?

Jessica Wikström: – Im from Stockholm but i grew up in Motala, Östergötland.

Lighting for photo: – How old are you?

Jessica Wikström: – 26 years young

Lighting for photo: – How long have you been into photography?

Jessica Wikström: – Time flies but i think im on my 5th year now.

Lighting for photo: – Do you prefer studio or location sessions?

Jessica Wikström: – Love location! I save studio for rainy days.

Lighting for photo: – What is your dream assignment?

Jessica Wikström: – It would be awesome to spend the day with Andrej Pejic and plan a big fashion shoot out in some desert.

Lighting for photo: – What other photograpers do you like?

Jessica Wikström: –  My biggest inspiration right now is Camilla Åkrans and Matthew Jordan Smith.

Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite piece of photo equipment?

Jessica Wikström: –  My 24-70 lens, never walk on to a set without it.

Lighting for photo: – What is the most common beginners misstakes when it comes to lighting?

Jessica Wikström: – Thinking that you need a ton of lightning equipment. No one ever tells you that you can do a lot with just one flash.

Lighting for photo: – What is your favorite lighting setup?

Jessica Wikström: – One flash, one softbox.

Lighting for photo: – What is your worst photo experience?

Jessica Wikström: – I once was supposed to shoot beauty, a portfolio job. I was handed a super small room with white painted walls and 2 Profoto Pro7 1200 generators. The light bounced everywhere and i had no screen to use so all the pictures ended up flat with super hard light no matter what i did. The client wanted the pictures asap but “without the ugly walls” so i had to spend over 20 hours in Photoshop to save the pictures. I did cry a little bit.